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القائمة البريدية
1. Focusing on the study of our national history, the history of Arabia as well as Arab/Islamic and world history in general. The modus operandi is studying, documenting and editing all relevant texts, holding scientific conference, symposia, workshops and publishing various materials.
2. Strengthening ties among those who are interested in historical and cultural studies through holding conferences and symposia.
3. Encouraging the application of the most up to date scientific methods in historical and cultural criticism.
4. The exchange of scientific publications and thinking with the S.H.S's counterparts throughout the world by making use of the new advances in the fields of communication.
5. Providing much needed expertise and awareness in the field by increasing the study of historical writings in cooperation with organizations, institutions and individuals who share the same interests as the S.H.S.
6. Offering those who are affiliated with the S.H.S. the opportunity to contribute and benefit from quickly advancing technical/scientific advances in the field of history worldwide by making use of international databases.  
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